All Stars Vol.3- Girl Power Vol.2 (CDG)

All Stars Vol.3- Girl Power Vol.2 (CDG)

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1. Serious- Duffy

2. Stepping Stone- Duffy

3. Hanging On Too Long- Duffy

4. Delayed Devotion- Duffy

5. Distant Dreamer- Duffy

6. Addicted- Amy Winehouse

7. He Can Only Hold Her- Amy Winehouse

8. You Know I'm No Good- Amy Winehouse

9. Love Is A Losing Game- Amy Winehouse

10. Just Friends- Amy Winehouse

11. I Will Be- Leona Lewis

12. I'm You- Leona Lewis

13. The Best You Never Had- Leona Lewis

14. Take A Bow- Leona Lewis

15. Yesterday- Leona Lewis

16. I Don't Have To Try- Avril Lavigne

17. One Of Those Girls- Avril Lavigne

18. The Best Damn Thing- Avril Lavigne

19. Everything Back But You- Avril Lavigne

20. I Can Do Better- Avril Lavigne





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